Costa Rica Vacation Travel Information

When traveling or touring another country, you should get the best out of your time especially if you want to go to Costa Rica. Spend time to get to know more about Costa Rica vacation travel information and other necessary details before booking a flight or a package tour to Costa Rica. This effort will ensure that you trip will be the best vacation possible. Search and Find the best time to go to, the tourist destinations that you have to see, hotel accommodations, local restaurants, culture, and more. Being familiar with all these will not only save you time and money but would make your trip more exciting at the same time.

According to different Costa Rica vacation travel information brochures and websites, the highlight of the paradise of Costa Rica is the republic’s beaches. Most tourists came for the pristine waters that are abundant in Costa Rica along with the white sands where they can sun bathe, surf, swim or fish all day long.

When searching the Costa Rica vacation travel information be sure to check out all the different beaches available. Beaches are known as playa coming from the Spanish language. The most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica include Playa Santa Teresa, Playa Conchal, Playa Grande, Playa Flamingo, Playa Blanca, Playa Zancudo, Playa Ballena, and Montezuma. However, one beach stands out from the rest. It is located along the coast of the southern Caribbean and considered as the best beach in Costa Rica. It is called the Gandaco Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge.

Gandaco Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge has been the popular choice for most Costa Rica vacation travel information experts. This is known as the one of the most stunning areas of Costa Rica which is situated only a few kilometers away from Panama. Not only is this an excellent beach, it is also a home for different flora and fauna that are unfortunately considered endangered in Costa Rica. This is a tropical rainforest where most mangroves in Costa Rica grow. In here you can find different wildlife species such as pacas, manatees, crocodiles, tarpons, caimans, tapirs, dolphins, leatherback sea turtles, eagles, green sea turtles, parakeets, motmos, pelicans, as well as toucans.

Since there is also a protected coral reef here in Gandaco Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, you may also see several marine species which are vividly colored including angel fish, blue parrot fish, sea urchins, sea anemones, sea cucumbers, Venus sea fans and a lot more. However, it is only advisable to visit this rainforest during the months of March to April and September to October since these are the drier months of Gandaco Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge.

The opportunities for the saltwater angler are unprecedented in Costa Rica. Where else can you fish from the beaches and hook up with both snook and tarpon in the surf. Of course the offshore fishing opportunities are what draws the most attention by anglers. You can fish the Pacific Ocean for rooster fish and tuna one day and the Caribbean for Marlin and sailfish the next. Finding a charter that will provide all the fishing opportunities is as easy as walking on to the docks of any marina.

Again is very important to take time to research all the Costa Rica vacation travel information so that you can fully enjoy all that the country has to offer the visitor.

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