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Italy is a beautiful country full of history, culture and festivals in the world. Located in Southern Europe, on the Italian peninsula it is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. It hosts two Italian Islands- Sardinia and Sicily. Italy is often known as the country of fashion, beauty and art. That is why it captures more tourists from every corner of the world than any other country in the world. Discovering Italy can be a pleasant and unforgettable experience. Rome is the capital of Italy that attracts maximum tourists with its stunning places to explore such as Museums because many of the artists that were born in Italy and have preserved their artworks in the museums and churches.

Explore Italy and Rome

Surround the fifth highest density population in Europe about 200 persons per sq km. Italy. Besides all this attraction, there is much more to see in Italy. The nature has given special places to Italy for every trip such as The Alps in the North, The Bay of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius. Italy is well connected because it offers best transportation system to its tourists to travel around the city by train, car, bus, plane, ferry, bicycle and motor biking giving you an amazing experience. When we talk about the best of Italy, it has Assisi, Galleria dell’Accademia, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Mount Etna, Palazzo Te, The Colosseum, Trattoria Corrieri and lake Como. All these places are beautiful just because of their charm, beauty and magic. But if you are thinking of only visiting Rome, the eternal city of Italy, you can search for beautiful Rome accommodation. Rome also has beautiful theatres such as Globe Theatre Rome, Parioli Theatre, Teatro Argentina, Teatro dell’Opera di Rome and Valley Theatre. Its best shopping Areas include Cinecitta 2, McArthur Glen Designer Outlet and Parco Leonardo. Let us know talk about Rome in detail so that you can book your accommodation in Rome Italy hotels soon.

Rome tourist attraction

Rome’s squares are one of the main attractions of Rome. The Great square (Piazze) is a place for meeting each other, chatting with friends, amusement, and certain events for daily happy hour. Ancient sights of Rome include Colosseum, Roman Forum and Pantheon. Certain beautiful fountains such as Trevi Fountain and Fountain of Four River give it a splendid look. Whether you want to stay in Rome for 5 days, 5 weeks or 5 months, be prepared to step into the most beautiful hotel in Rome. You can book Rome Hotel depending on the price, location, and rating that varies from 1 star to 5 stars. Go through the following list so that you can have wide selection of Rome hotel for your vacation. 1 Star Hotels include Hotel Azzurra, Hotel Ciao, Hotel Soggiorno, Residenza dei Quiriti; 2 Star Hotels include Hotel Vibel, Hotel Sweet home, Hotel Silla, Hotel Planet; 3 Star Hotels include The Strand Hotel, Rome garden Hotel, Hotel Zara, Hotel Select; 4 Star Hotel include The Duke Hotel, Hotel White, Hotel Zone, Hotel Turner and 5 Star Hotels include Regina Hotel Baglioni, Hotel St. George, Grand Hotel Plaza and Hotel Lord Byron to name a few.

From budget to luxury, all the hotels in Rome are centrally located that too near Piazza di Spagna, Spanish Steps, S. Peter square, Trevi’s fountain and Vatican Museums. So, plan your own holiday and have a mesmerizing vacation ahead.

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