The Tons Thriller & Futaleufu Adventure Adds Unlimited Fun In Short Holiday Vacations

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The Tons Thriller & Futaleufu Adventure Adds Unlimited Fun in Short Holiday Vacations

Holidays are type of gifts that provide great relaxation from work, hectic schedules and meeting deadline’s pressures. Asking to sanction long holidays always upsets the mood of every boss in the world. Still if you are lucky and smart to find few days to make yourself enjoy the beauty, color, delicious food, adventure and all comforts, then it really becomes a type of gift which adds many unforgettable moments in life. To make the holidays pleasant and enjoyable, there are two places in the world that can provide unlimited fun and tons of thrill. One is located in India and another is in South America. So, as per budget and holidays sanctioned you can opt one of the best holiday destination spots in the world. The details of the places are as follows:

The Tons Thriller
Tourists who have seven days in-hand and loves hiking, trekking and elevation between 4000 to 5000 meters with Class IV rapids in whitewaters for rafting, can opt for The Tons Thriller which starts from Hardwar and ends at Tons valley. All the days will have mixed of running several continuous Class IV rapids since the beginning. There are places where the river drops at an average of 32 feet per kilometers which include a drop of 78 feet per kilometer. The whole river rafting expedition involves Class III to Class IV rapid which sometime touches Class V as well. The amazing scenery and thrilling rapids make The Tons Thriller exception adventurous point in the country.

Futaleufu Adventure � Patagonia
Tourists who can manage nine days in Argentina, South America, they can opt for Futaleufu Adventure – Patagonia. The trip involves adventure for everyone in the family. The adventurous elevation is less than 4000 meters which is within vehicular access. The place offers long treks that needs whole day walking and enjoying the beautiful nature’s sceneries, multiple river rafting (Class III) included in every day curriculum and provide hiking over reasonable terrains. The Futaleufu River starts in Argentina and passes through remoteness of wild Patagonia and flows to the Pacific Ocean through an extremely remote valley in Chile. The destinations offer incredible view of wild nature, great sceneries, large & wild landscapes and great adventures which can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. In short, Futaleufu Adventure � Patagonia is the complete family tourists’ destination spot in South America.

These are the details which could help you analyze the best holiday destination spots for your vacation. The specialist tour operator will guide you about all the destination spots along with best customer services and reasonable packages. So make your lovely gift a memorable one.

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