Top 21 Travel Games For The Car -part Two

10. Hang Man
This is another old favourite we can’t forget. Hangman has been around since I was in Maths class. Just make a number of lines for each letter of a word or words of your choice. Then a designated passenger has to guess the letter which corresponds to your word. If they are wrong, you start drawing the hang man. This drawing consists of a straight vertical line, followed by a line to the right, then a hang man’s noose and a stick man figure. The aim is to guess the word before the last leg is drawn.

11. Dictionary Game
Another word game, but it’s the perfect time when there are no other distractions except the passing scenery. Just pick out an unusual word from the dictionary, and everyone has to write out their own definition. All the definitions are read out, and everyone has to guess which is correct. The results are hilarious as wrong meanings are guessed, and the actual definition is finally read out. Allocate a point to whoever gets their meaning guessed.

12. Snap
Always bring a pack of cards when you are travelling. Not only is this much loved card game a no brainer, and easily played with most travelling partners, there are adaptations to make it more exciting. Instead of Snap, you can say a different word..or you can say Snap, then a new word every time to help test your memory. Inevitably, you will then remember another card game and time will fly before you know it. It’s a good idea to bring a travel table for games such as this.

13. Scrabble
Everyone knows how to play scrabble. Hunt around for a magnetic travel scrabble version, which will be a worthwhile investment in family fun. This will give you at least an hour of enjoyment during your journey. It would not be recommended to bring a non magnetised game, as the pieces will inevitably become lost. Another game you can play with scrabble is to make up as many words as you can by a designated time limit. Its quicker and just as much fun.

14. Scissors Paper Rock
This has to be included seeing as it is played all around the world. Do we even need an explanation? Just say ‘Scissors Paper Rock’ and then your hands will either seal your fate or your victory. Scissors is two fingers extended out and three enclosed. Paper is hand outstretched, and Rock is hand in a fist. If both players have the same then you start again. Scissors and Rock means Rock wins as scissors are blunt. Paper and Rock wins as Paper covers rock. You can go on and on. It’s a lot of fun especially when you get faster.

15. Mobile Phone Games
It’s the century we’re living in now, every second person has a mobile, and they all have games on them. So if your mobile is up and running why not let someone have a few contests on the games panel. These are addictive so you may need a time limit depending on how many phones are owned.

16. Questions
How well do you know each other? Depending on the age range of everyone in the vehicle you each take turns asking someone a question about themselves. Then, after about ten or so questions have been asked, you have to repeat as many answers as you can remember. You will learn a lot about each other, especially with questions such as, ‘Where were you born?’ and ‘where did you go to school?’ Find out who in the car has been listening as inevitably someone will remember all the questions that were asked.

17. Tongue Twisters
Try out as many tongue twisters as you can, and make your own up. This is lots of fun for the whole family. You can even buy board games with tongue twisters already printed up on cards. (ie Tongue Tangle) Just bring the cards with you when you have run out of other ways to fill in the time.

18. Art attack
This is a great way to make the most of the passing scenery. You may discover a budding artist or two as you appreciate each other’s artwork. Allocated five or ten minutes to sketch the first thing you see out of the window. It could be a simple sketch of a tree or a bridge. When the time is up everyone has to show each other their drawings. Another game is one person starts their drawing, and others have to be the first to guess what it is. Children will love the chance to become creative especially if you buy them a small sketchbook. This is ideal for any age group.

19. Sing A Longs
This list would not be complete without Sing A Longs. Use the radio / CD player for backup as you try to remember favourite songs and their lyrics. Another great idea is to surf the local radio stations until you come up with a song you like. Every person gets to choose a song the rest of the group has to listen to. Make up your own words to the tunes. You’ll find after this you will be humming the rest of the trip.

20. Memory Game
Find a number of small items around the car or next stop,ie bandaid, coin, phone etc and place them all on a tray or travel bench so everyone (except the driver) can memorize them. Then cover them with a towel or cloth. Everyone then has to write down as many items as they can remember. The winner is the person who has remembered the most items.

21. Travel Diary
Although it is not a game, it is an essential item if your child can write, and also for anyone who likes to record special holiday moments. In my case I wouldn’t leave home without one. Encourage them to stick in whatever they want, even entry passes or flowers. On one of our family trips my daughter wrote three pages on how bored she was! At the end of the trip, photos and pictures collected along the way are included, and you have lasting hand written travel memories.

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